Veterinary Highlights: StemInsure - Lifetime of Stem Cells for Your Dog

Regular readers know that we are big advocates of stem cell therapy for dogs. What it has done for Jasmine is just amazing.

It was exciting to come across a new service Vet-Stem just launched, StemInsure.

When one of my friends gave birth to a baby girl, she has banked the umbilical cord. With a bit of luck, they might never need it, but it's there if they did.

Vet-Stem is now offering a similar service for dogs. Vet-Stem technology involves the use of adult stem cells from fat tissue. That's the kind that was used for Jasmine's therapy. After her initial treatments, more stem cells were cultured for her from a retaining sample.

StemInsure is a similar idea.

Small (grape size) sample of fat can be harvested while your dog is young, processed and banked.

This can be done during a surgical procedure such as a spay, neuter or other anesthesia requiring procedure. This small sample can be cultured to supply a lifetime of stem cell therapy.

In the future, when your dog needs stem cells, your veterinarian can simply order cell culturing for the treatment.

What is the difference between doing it this way rather than harvesting the cells when needed? For one thing, the fat tissue retrieval requires anesthesia. At the time your dog might need the therapy, there could be other health issues making anesthesia a bad idea. While for some types of treatment, such as treatment of an ACL injury your dog does need to be anesthetized for precision injections into the joint, stem cells can be also applied intravenously. For such treatment, anesthesia is not required.

What can be treated with stem cells?

Current uses include arthritis and soft tissue injuries (tendon and ligament). Future uses may include treatment of kidney, liver, heart, and immune-mediated diseases.

I don't expect you all to run out and do this. But I do believe it's something worth knowing about.

Jasmine already has her lifetime supply. Am I going to do this for JD? Not right now, we're still broke from Jasmine's vet bills. But should JD go in for teeth cleaning or other procedure requiring anesthesia, I am going to ask how much it would cost to grab a bit of fat in the process.

It's your dog's health,

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