Back At Chiropractic Care

Jasmine is again needing chiropractic care. Frankly, with the way she's been acting like a young puppy, I am not surprised.

She has a lot of confidence in her body now, and it is impossible to get her to hold back. She wants to run. She wants to play. She wants to wrestle with the boys.

She doesn't want to walk around like a senior dog.

I don't think it was her activity level that caused this, though, I think it was the ever-present ice this winter. As many precautions as we've been taking, there was no way we could avoid it all together. I bet she must have slipped a bit and throw things off.

One night, I noticed she was favoring her rear left leg in an odd way. 

I say odd because it was different from any other limp I've seen before. However, it seemed gone the next day. I kept an eye on it but couldn't see anything wrong. But a week later it returned.

Jasmine was seeing her chiropractor from time to time just to make sure all is the way it should be. But this time I insisted she needs to go right away, time is wasting.

And, indeed, there are issues, particularly at the region of Jasmine's lumbar spine.

Jasmine got that adjusted and is going back early next week to see what it looks like then. It always makes me wonder, though, how many dogs might be walking around in pain which nobody really knows about? And if they did know, what would they do about it? NSAIDs?

We are thankful that we happen to have a practicing veterinary chiropractor in our area. 

They seem to be rather scarce. Ours even has clients from south of the border. People travel quite a ways to see her.

The biggest challenge is going to be trying to get Jasmine to take it a bit easy for the next while. Taking it easy is the last thing on her mind.

An exciting note, Jasmine's chiropractor is considering getting one of the thermal imaging cameras! 

This has been on my mind for a long time. So it happened, that the subject came up during the visit. Hubby told her that she has to get one, otherwise, sooner or later, he's gonna have to.

Seriously, though, she is really considering it and we are looking to find one for her within her budget. I really hope this works out! It will make some of the diagnostics so much easier!

And it might even shed some light on the mystery of Jasmine's episodes.

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  1. Jana
    Jasmine is a lucky dog to have a human that is dedicated to making sure she has a good quality of life. My humans believe in alternative health methods for us too. I'm still a puppy so we focus on nutrition now but the two other dogs who were here before got chiropracitic adjustments and Reiki massages.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you, Zeva. You're pretty lucky yourself! :-) Yes, we like exhausting alternative approaches first, as they are so much safer and often more useful.

  2. Sorry about Jasmine needing her chiropractor again, but awesome news about the thermal imaging camera!! Fingers crossed she gets one!

    1. Thank you, Rich. I hate it too (that she needs it). Glad it's available though. She's been doing very good for very long, and with all the P and V she's full off it's really not a surprise that something could have happened. With her history we are always worried. Always will be.

      Just hoping to get it sorted out soon.


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