Useful Tips: Winter Dog Safety Tip - Sand Their Way

Our guys love the winter and the cold. They have good coats, and in the woods salt isn't an issue; it is very little we have to worry about in the winter months unless it gets cold enough for lungs to freeze.

The one thing we do worry about is ice.

In fact, the only time we didn't go for our daily walk because the weather was when the entire place was covered with ice. Even then, we figured that if we stick to the grassy areas we might be ok. So we got dressed and out the door just to find out that even everything was like under a sheet of glass, including the grassy areas.

It was unreal. The world had become an ice skating rink. So we turned around and went back in. Even Jasmine seemed to understand why the walk was canceled that day.

This was an extreme example, but with the winter temperatures up and down, ice can become an issue.

After Jasmine's knee surgeries I was particularly paranoid. So what does one do? Salting products certainly work but I didn't want to use those. Then I thought back to my younger years when people in my old country would treat sidewalks with gravel, ashes from coal stoves, or sand.

Sand creates traction, that is really all you need.

We use it to treat the stairs going to the yard, the sidewalk, and any slippery areas. We also have a container with us in the vehicle at all times. You never know if the place you end up parking at will be icy or not. Jumping in and out of the car or truck when there is ice could be quite dangerous.

Why risk it?

Of course, when hubby tells the story, he describes how he stumbles or crawls around the vehicle in order to sand the ground at the other door for the dogs ... you do need a grain of salt for that part. All the rest can be solved with sand.

Very little extra effort for a whole bunch of extra safety.


  1. Great tip, we have plenty of sand! Love your blog, have a wonderful day.

  2. Hubby did have to figure out where to get some in our case, he wasn't very happy about that; but at the end is was quite easy. If you have plenty, you got it made :-)

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog :-)


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