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Tippy Doesn't Understand Why His Family Threw Him Away

Tippy is currently unaltered (not for long), a JRT/Chi X and is approximately three years old. He is house trained and has lived in a house all of his life ... until his family decided he was not convenient any longer. Here is his story.


My name is Tippy. I am about three years old, a Jack Russell/Chi X and I am terrified.

My family took me when I was just a puppy. They have let me stay in their house and I am house trained. I have not been to see the vet much. In fact, I have never been. But I have known my family and that was ok by me since I felt loved.

Then, one day I learned a very hard truth. My family is moving to a “better” house in another town. They have found another dog they like and they cannot have but one dog in their house.

Guess who had to go?

At first I could not believe it!  How could someone just discard me that way after I have given them all my love. This has broken my wee heart. On the day I was to leave I heard them say they were going to take me to a place called “the pound.” I have no idea what a pound is, except that I barely weigh eight of those. But the new dog they had told me that the pound they were talking about is a different kind.

It is a place dogs go in and never come out. 

And none of my family saw my fear. No one tried to comfort me.

I was in the backseat with the new puppy and he was trying very hard to give me some comfort. I could not help but like him a little, yet I knew he was taking my place. He licked my small face and told me that he understood how

I felt and that he was worried one day these people would throw him away as callously as they were tossing me out. 

We talked a bit and I asked him if this place called the pound would hurt me. He looked away and looked very sad. But he did not answer. I pushed a bit because I needed to know.

He finally told me that MY people had taken him from a pound. He said that his mother and all of his siblings had been taken there and my people had gone there and saved him. He said he is an American Pit Bull Terrier and there are many of his kind in the “pound.” I thought I saw a tear in his eye as he looked back out the window. “What is it like?” I pushed him a bit more.

“LOOK!” he said a bit sharply. These people took me because I AM an APBT. They want a big dog and they wanted me. 

They talked a lot about me being a beautiful color and stud fees ... so I am not sure what my life with these people is going to be like.”

I explained to him what that meant because they had used me for what they called “Stud Fees.” Then he licked my face again and sadly said that he understood now. He then told me how his mother had been killed in the Animal Shelter (AKA THE POUND). Oh how my heart hurt for him. And it hurt for me. I was going there and it looked like the only ones that were going to get out of that place were puppies. I was no puppy.

He looked at me and told me I had one chance to get out besides adoption. He told me that there are people called Rescuers and that they fight very hard to keep dogs from being killed. He also told me it was really a long shot once I was in the system. He said there are so many there waiting and begging for homes and rescue. He told me how there is a smell there that never goes away. He said it is a smell like none other and that it is the smell of dreams and hope lost.

He was not trying to scare me. I knew that. He was trying to prepare me. 

You see, dogs are honest with each other. We do not lie; we do not mince words or beat around the bush. IT IS WHAT IT IS...AND WE STATE IT THAT WAY.

Oh I was shaking so badly then. 

I knew I did not stand a chance at my age. Not that three is old. I am in the prime of my life right now. But I was not wanted by the family I thought would protect me. I thought I belonged with them. I thought they were MY family. I thought wrong.

So now I was beginning to wonder about these rescue people. What was their story? My replacement told me that they felt differently than the people like my family. They saw dogs and cats and all animals as a LIFE and believed that pets are companion s and a part of the family. So these rescue people believe like I had thought for three years. That sounded good. So I would start right away hoping and praying for rescue. My replacement told me I would only have three days. And if they were crowded at the “pound,” since I was an owner surrender, I may not have that long.

That is when we noticed the car had stopped and I was SO scared. 

But then I saw a familiar place. This was the store we sometimes drove to when I would go on a ride with my family. They had stopped to get a drink. Before we left, a girl I had seen before came up to the car to talk to the people I had given my heart and life to. I knew her as Sabrina. She had always been very kind to me. Sabrina goes to school with a member of my family and had come over before to do homework with her.

I heard her being told how I was no longer needed. 

I heard her shock as she asked WHY. Then I heard the reason. They told her no one wanted a mixed dog. I was just a Jack Russell mixed with a Chihuahua and no one wanted a mixed breed. No one would pay a stud fee for that.

Sabrina looked so shocked as she climbed in the car with us and took me on her lap. “I thought you had neutered him,” she said. Now I don’t know what neuter means, but I know the people I had loved all of my life laughed when she said that. I could see tears in Sabrina’s eyes. Those tears were just like the ones in my heart and she held me closer as I trembled uncontrollably.

I listened as they explained what they called “the facts of life” to Sabrina. Sabrina tensed up as she held me. Then she said...”NO!” She sounded so very angry that it scared me a bit at first.

Then she told my former family...I WILL TAKE TIPPY! 

To my relief, they agreed. I was still shaking as I waved goodbye to my replacement and I heard Sabrina saying words I did not understand under her breath as we walked to her car. When she got me to her house there were so many others there. Some were in kennels and some were in the house. Some were being walked. I was still very scared, especially of the larger dogs. But no one hurt me.

Then Sabrina’s mother came in. She is named Sheila. She looked a little shocked to see a new dog there, but she never got angry with me. She did get angry when Sabrina told her what my family had done. Then she told Sabrina that the rescue was FULL. My heart fell. So I was with a rescuer... but they had no room. Once again I was worried.

When Sheila put me in her car I was certain I was off to that place of lost hope again.

But instead she took me to a place where a woman named Beth lives. 

There were some dogs inside that Beth was woprking with and she told Sheila that se was unsure about one of those dogs and did not want to just take me in unless they had time to meet me.

I was so confused but I tried to listen to what was being said. I was shocked to learn these two women seemed to know what was in my heart. They kept telling me not to worry and not to be afraid... but I was shaking so hard. It took a lot of tries to get pictures because they klept blurring where I was trembling so badly.

Once the pictures were taken, Beth gave me a shot. I did not like that! But as she gave it she told me that the shot would keep me from getting sick if I was exposed to anything. She also gave me something to get rid of the worms I could feel in my body. And they discussed that thing called neutering. That thing makes me a lot nervous ... but I feel I am in good hands.

I am still terrified and I have no home yet... but I know I am safe for now. 

I need to go to the vet and I know my time will come. I have heard them talking about a dog named Jeb and how he was saved too late. I heard Beth say that she supposed I had gotten bumped up to the top of the list really quick. I have learned that means there are so many dogs out there waiting for a chance to get out of a bad situation.

But I am safe. I do need a home and I really want to see all those dogs waiting get their chance to be safe too. 

I know they had one come through recently named Beauty that had been shot. Someone shot a dog and tried to kill her. She had to be rushed to the vet first and I know all those waiting will understand.

YOU can help. You can send love and prayers our way. If you can donate, that will help get one taken care of quicker and get them ready for a home. 

I have learned it takes a lot of money to feed and care for so many dogs. But there is always food here. There is always someone to love us. We may not get 100% of the attention. We have all learned to share. But we are all hopeful that someone out there will see us and want to give us a forever home. So that is something you can do as well. If you see one of us that you can share your home with... we need you.


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