Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Story Of Jeb

My name is Jeb and I have lived about two years or so. I was the very best friend of a little boy named Ray-Ray. And he always loved me just as I loved him. But he was too young to care for me properly.

His parents told him I could not stay inside, so they put me in the yard on a chain – and there I stayed for almost two years. 

Food was scarce, so I ate what I was given. I was way too thin. I do not know who called Beth & Sheila from Eagle’s Den, but the4y came for me!

They recognized that “my boy” Ray-Ray loved me, and they talked to him gently, just as they spoke to me. I knew he was going to miss me, but he wanted me in a safe place and he told Beth & Sheila that I could go with them if they promised to make sure I would have a good life. They promised.

Then they asked if they could put a kennel up for me, and give me a dog house until they could get a foster to take me in. 

THE MAN agreed, and Beth & Sheila left a big bag of food for me! Oh, that was so wonderful. I had a kennel. I was not on a chain. I had wheat straw to make a bed in and I had protection from the cold nights. They also brought a very large white bucket for water. And they filled it up. I heard them tell Ray-Ray to make sure he gave me some food every day and to make sure my water was clean. They told him that was his job and was something he could do to help me.

Ray-Ray came through, and also, Beth and Sheila were there at least once, sometimes twice, a day. So I was getting three square meals a day. And when they would come, OH MY! There were so many treats and I heard that I was a good boy so many times I could not stop my tail from wagging.

Then came the day I was to go to my foster’s. I was so excited because I had heard I would be IN THE HOUSE. 

Ray-Ray came out that day and spent some time with me. He told me he was going to give me a special treat before I left. He is just a little boy... and while we both knew this move was going to be best, I could not help but have my heart break a bit. I so wished Ray-Ray could come with me.

But he went in search of a special treat for me and I waited. He brought me something to eat and I ate what I could of it. It was a dead animal he had found, and I think something like that might just be considered a treat for any dog who has been half starved all of his life. But I wish I had known better.

I wish Ray-Ray had known better. But wishes don’t make it so.

If anyone has ever had to live outside and been half-starved – only then can you know the joy I felt when the “chain” put on my collar was a leash and there was a man on the other end of it. I met his dog, Stunner. Stunner is a little guy, but we got along just fine. I was so happy; I thought that strange sick feeling in my stomach was just butterflies.

That sick feeling was not going away and my new man said he noticed I was drinking a lot of water. 

But this was the first time I had ever been in a heated house, so he thought it was just me adjusting to that. I WAS NOT ACTING SICK. How could I act sick when my life had just started?

At bedtime, I was really excited. Stunner had told me all about the bed we were going to sleep in and I could barely wait. My tail never stopped wagging and I kissed my new friend over and over on his face. He never yelled at me or told me to get down. Life was good.

My stomach was feeling really bad so I declined the bedtime snack he offered and ran and jumped straight in the bed. 

It was like something I cannot describe. It was so soft and warm, and there was love all around me...


I could hear the noise around me, but I could not open my eyes. I knew I was in my new home and it was so soft and wonderful, and then there were dogs telling me to come with them. I was a bit confused.

There was a dog named Charity, one named Buck, Duffie, Rex, Sierra ... so many standing in this bright wonderful light. And I knew then. 

Something was wrong with that special treat Ray-Ray had given me. I did not know better, nor did he. But the life that I had been so excited about was going to end now. Yes: it was too soon, and I could hear those around me crying and I could feel the wet kisses on my face.

I would like to have stayed. It would have been a good life. 

I know that. But sometimes we have to take what we are given and be happy for the good times we have had. My last day in your world was the best I had ever known. It was... well... it was like Heaven.

I know there are tears being shed for me now, and that makes my heart swell a bit. It is not that I want anyone to be sad for me, but I know I was loved and that means so much when you have lived most of your life without love. I can see all of you here from Rainbow Bridge, and this is a beautiful place.

If I could have a wish fulfilled, I would wish that someone look out a bit for Ray-Ray. He is just a little boy, about ten years old, and he did not give me a poisoned rat on purpose. He had never been taught better. He should not think he killed me. Sometimes things just happen. If anyone is to blame, it is like Beth & Sheila said: it is Ray-Ray’s father.

He knew I was eating a poisoned rat and did nothing to stop it. 

Of course, why would he? He had never done anything for me my entire life except allow two women to take care of me until a foster home came open. And I suspect the only reason he did that is because it meant he would not have to throw out any more scraps for me to eat. Beth & Sheila had cleaned where I was chained.

I had tried to go to the bathroom in just one area but it was getting really thick there and it smelled really bad.

Ray-Ray did what he knew to do for me, and with a little help, he may make a rescuer himself one day. Maybe he will be a Rescue Angel when he gets older, with the right help.


Eagle’s Den Animal Haven and Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping save the lives of animals through a variety of means:
  •     removing animals from high kill shelters
  •     placing animals in permanent homes
  •     finding foster care until the right home can be located
  •     working with animal shelters as well as other rescue
  •     advocating spay/neuter of animals
  •     the prevention of animal cruelty

We are located in Bladen County, North Carolina. We believe that every animal deserves a loving home that will provide for their basic needs and treat them with the respect they so richly deserve.

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