Symptoms: Recognition, Acknowledgement And Denial - updated

Symptoms: Recognition, Acknowledgement And Denial

Observing doesn't mean understanding

a symptom n. an abnormality caused by a disease that is observable in a sick animal. ~Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet-speak Deciphered for the Non-veterinarian

The above definition points out two important things. A symptom is an abnormality, and it can be observed. Note: Technically–as it was pointed out to me by my book editor–the more accurate term is signs ...

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  1. Ergh.
    I think our group of "average" dog people see their dogs poop five minutes later than they usually do and call the vet. XD
    In fact, when I called to schedule an appt (with our local vet first, and then we'll move to the specialist...or to someone he recommends), I asked for a parasite screen, a snap test, a urninalysis, and skin scrapings in addition to her shots and talking about why she's so itchy.
    When they mentioned I'd just had a urinalysis and parasite screen, I laughed and said, "Better safe than sorry."
    Unfortunately, I can't get in until October 13th, so it's booties on the back feet and a cone on the head for the poor dog until that day.
    Also, I mentioned giving her baths and the vet tech went "OOOOOH!" as in uh oh and said "make sure she's 150% dry or don't do it." I think because it's so moist around here.

  2. Hi JJ. Yes, I agree, better safe than sorry. Strange that your vet would have such a reaction to bathing, it is become more and more promoted by vets for dealing with skin issues, recommended over drugs.

    But as any treatment it makes best sense when you know exactly what you're trying to treat. We have to make sure Jasmine is 150% dry after a bath, because when she isn't infection can pop up very quickly. Some of the skin invading bacterial really like moist environment. So that might we why?

  3. Very insightful post and one that many owners should read. I have previously worked within a vet clinic and consistently saw dogs brought in by owners for unnecessary symptoms because they were uneducated and oblivious owners. As a pet owner, it is a responsibility to educate and inform yourself on basic symptoms and what they MIGHT be a sign of, this saves not only a trip to the visit and keeps your money in your pocket, but also saves the time of vets to tend to emergencies.

    1. HI Michelle, thank you. Well, personally I think it's better to make one more trip to the vet, than one less.

  4. Watch out for begining of Enviro ALLERGY Symptoms

    Its not Flea or Food ..
    Its Enviro !

    Because Allergy / Atopy is a Cumulative/ Progressive ALLERGY SnowBall that Gains Speed ( Frequency of allergy Issues ) and Mass ( Severity of Allergy Issues ) as it Rolls Down Life’s Hill…

    85% Allergy = Enviro Sources

    As soon as you see constant Paw Chewing, Itching, Biting, Gunky Ears > Many Pet Parents have turned to Doggy GOO

    Stop & Melt your Dogs Allergy SnowBall ASAP As GOO Possible !


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