Jasmine's Trip To The Farm

Besides her walks, weekly trips to the friends' horse farm are the highlights of Jasmine's life.

She loves spending time outside. This is a tiny documentary about one of the trips.

The day at the farm has its own ritual. 

First, the furry biped opens the shop and has his coffee and doughnut. Then there is a walk, followed by breakfast. Then the furry biped gets to work while the dogs follow him around making sure he does everything properly. Before the trip back, there is another walk.

(The home-cooked meal doesn't look like much, but it sure is yummy!)

Sometimes the farm dogs come out and play. Sometimes there is ritual burying of the gloves if any can be found.

No wonder the guys come home exhausted!


  1. It is! Unfortunately the battery died, would have documented more :-)

  2. Loved watching JD & Jasmine play! I took Dexter & Jersey to my Dad's farm, they had a blast, too :D

  3. I bet they would! It's awesome if there is a place like that to take them to.

    Wanted to include the farm dogs too, but batteries died. Next time.

    Upcoming is their new cousin :-)


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