Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ask A Vet Online: Second Opinion At Your Fingertips

Don't you just love the internet?

There aren't so many things you cannot do over the internet. Learn, shop, bank, run a business, watch movies, socialize … and talk to a vet.

Why would you want to talk to a vet online

Maybe you have an urgent question and your vet's office is closed. Maybe you want to get a second opinion on your dog's diagnosis or treatment.

I can tell you that a month doesn't go by without me consulting an online vet about one thing or another.

Having such an option available at your fingertips is a great blessing.

Just the other day I was happy to have this option when I was worried whether Jasmine might have had a dangerous overdose of her thyroid medication.

Hubby was working late.

To keep this important medication on the schedule, I gave Jasmine her pill. 

Hubby is the main “pillinator” though. He and Jasmine got it all figured out, while for me it's a struggle. (She won't take it with food, it has to be shoved down her throat and she is extraordinarily good at cheeking and spitting them out later.)

Because I hate doing that to her and I'm not very good at it, we decided that he will give her the rest of her pills (supplements that are not so time-sensitive) when he comes home.

He came home three hours later and gave her the pills. 

It happened so fast, that when I noticed he was indeed giving her the thyroid medication also before I could have said anything it was already down.

Now what?

It's a tiny little pill. But just because it's small it doesn't mean that it's not potent. And given Jasmine's history, I have the right to be very paranoid.

What should we do? Will she be ok with the one-time double-dose? Should we try to make her throw it up?

It was 11PM, who do you ask?

Given the combined dose and her size, the online vet reassured me that she will be fine, just might get a little hyper. My heart could have returned from my throat back into my chest.

She indeed was perfectly fine, it didn't have any visible effect on her whatsoever.

I first discovered online vet advice almost three years ago, when I was desperately researching options for treatment of Jasmine's busted ACL

What I've learned had ultimately led us to our new awesome vet and stem cell therapy.

I've been using online vet advice ever since.

In the summer of the last year, a great veterinarian and a friend of mine, Dr. Laci Schaible, and her husband Dr. Jed Schaible, also a veterinarian, started their own online vet advice service - VetLive.

If your dog gets sick, how do you know for sure you're making the best decision for them?

A second opinion is often invaluable in the decision process. Back in my country, we have a saying: "More brains - more wisdom". VetLive was founded to make a second opinion easily accessible to everybody. And then, of course, are always the urgent questions that need to be answered.

I always preach about the importance of finding the right vet for your dog. 

Well, the same rule applies whether you're going to see your vet in person or whether you're consulting one online.

Having a vast experience with this type of service I can tell you that if you do have an urgent question about your dog, or if you're looking for a second opinion, VetLive is the place to go.

They are available 24/7 and their answers are thorough and exhaustive. 

I am impressed with how much information you get during your session.

You can see it for yourself. Here is an example session about an injured Pug. Check it out and judge for yourself.

It's your dog's health!

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  1. Hi Y'all!

    Thanks Jana! That's great info! I've bookmarked the site. Since we live in two very rural places, it isn't easy to get to a vet and hours are limited to nights, no weekends, no boarding or overnight stays...

    A dog rarely has a crisis during those hours.

    Y'all come by now,
    BrownDog's Human

  2. What a great resource! Thanks for the info. :)

  3. Hi Hawk, yeah, crises always seem to be timed for weekends or after hours, aren't they?

  4. I am a firm believer in getting a second and sometimes a third opinion. This is a great resource I had not thought to use. Thanks Jana.

  5. Its a good idea to have a second opinion on the illnesses of our pets. We should make sure on what is the exact problem of our pets to avoid any mistake in providing solutions on their illnesses.

    Vets Minster