Useful Tips: You Don't Have To Dish Out For An Expensive Dog Dryer

Do you have the wet dog blues?

Since Jasmine's recurring skin infections we've been taking all the steps it takes to keep her skin healthy; this includes regular medicated baths.

There came the dilemma. It was determined that moisture was one of the contributing factors. 

Between Jasmine's hydrotherapy, baths and weather; combined with her thick undercoat—how does one keep her dry?

Not that we didn't try.

“You gotta air-dry her,” the vet said.

We are still struggling with money and would like to avoid having to spend $300, or more, on a dog dryer!

But the vet came to the rescue again

“Get a shop vac.”

Sucks on one end, blows on the other, just choose your end to attach the hose to.

We got ours on special for $20! 

It didn't have any attachments, but they are not really needed.

And it works better than the dryer they have at Jasmine's hydrotherapy clinic!

Sometimes you don't have to spend the big bucks to get the results. Just make sure you use your dog vac for the dog only, so it stays clean.


  1. If I used my shopvac I'm afraid I would have it on vacume and then they would get sucked up and be gone :)

  2. LOL Firstly, you don't want to use one that was previously used for vacuming. Secondly, first you test, then you use ;-)

  3. Hi Y'all!

    What a great idea! At the shore it is hot enough to do a couple of obedience runs and have a dry dog. In the mountains getting dry is not so easy. That shop vac is a fantastic idea!

    BrownDog's Momma

  4. It certainly works! :-) The other problem we got here that when it IS hot, it is also very humid, so still no cigar having Jasmine dry fast enough on her own.

  5. Now that IS a clever idea!! I love shop vacs, they'll suck up almost anything :O

  6. Our vet is very clever. That's the farm boy part of him :-)

  7. That's really interesting. I would have never guessed that would work. At first, I was waiting for you to write at the end that this was an April Fool's joke. lol

  8. Hi Michelle :-) It was posted on the second ... :p

    No, it really works great. And why wouldn't it, all you need is blowing air, don't you? Just gotta think of it :-)

  9. Great tip! I especially like the idea of not having to spend big bucks to get the results :-)

  10. Thank you, Ron, our vet gets the credit :-) Finding a cheap alternative doesn't always work, but certainly does in this case.

  11. I'm afraid we forked out for a very expensive industrial strength dryer many years ago to cope with Rufus's fur. Still took 2-3 hours to get him dry. A little less if we combined it with a portable heater! Nothing so awful as a musty dog in the house :p

    But I'm going to remember this clever idea if we ever need to get another dog dryer. Thanks Jana.

  12. Hi Georgia. Yes, they are quite expensive. The shop vac isn't and gets the job done.


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