Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ranch Chronicles


  1. Jasmine and J.D. are beauties!

  2. I can see that the dogs were hard at work helping out :)

  3. Ty guys :-) Yeah, hard at work, protecting us from the wild animals and intruders that might had been thinking about trespassing :-)

  4. Am I hallucinating or does Jasmine have some red in her fur?

    She's so beautiful. I can't get over how big she and J.D. are. My friend - and colleague - Hollie has a rottweiler named Maddie, and she is a teensy girl for being a rottie. Thus, since she is basically the only one I've ever seen up close, it's startling to see that she is a pup compared to most!

    I love the last picture, especially. Not sure what it is about it... I think it's that it looks so peaceful.

    Thanks Jasmine and J.D., now I feel relaxed. LoL.

    <3 Beautiful pictures. You're pretty darned good with a camera! ;]

  5. Hi JJ

    You're not hallucinating. Since Jasmine's body was shaved pretty much everywhere at least once at one time or another, her body didn't sort out completely yet. First when the fur grew back in it was pretty much undercoat only, this time it's kind of mix where the undercoat is still showing or longer than the top coat. That's giving it the color and it's also fluffier than it should be so gotta watch for her getting wet.

    Hoping that after she sheds for winter things will finally settle the right way.

    Yeah, Rotties come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Jasmine has some of the German heritage in her, and J.D. is very tall. Of course after our rescue Bruin (150 pounds) they all look little :-)

    As big as they are, they are our little babies.

    In the last picture they're drinking puddle water :-)

    Ty for the compliment on the photos, sometimes it takes a lot of shots to get some really good looking ones (action is hard to shoot). So being good is one thing, the other thing is to have very fast and busy trigger finger ;-)