Useful Tips: Deer Fly Patches

Do you feel like you're under siege? Are you and your dog getting swarmed by deer flies every time you try to go for a walk in the great outdoors?

This year deer flies are especially bad in some regions. They are persistent and their bites hurt. Have you tried pretty much all available natural bug repellent products out there but none of them seems to work?

Our dogs love their nature walks. But the deer fly attacks can spoil the best of fun and we simply had to avoid most areas. Then we discovered the Tred-Not Deerfly Patches. Very simple and yet quite an effective product – non-toxic, odorless sticky tape. You attach the patch to the back of your cap or hat. It attracts the deer flies and they get stuck as they land. You won't believe how quickly the patch gets covered!

I am not saying that you won't get the odd bite. However, most of them really seem to gravitate toward the patch.

How does this help your dog? Strangely, it does. Deer flies seem to go after the highest moving point. We find that as long as our dogs stick close to us, the deer flies seem to leave them mostly alone.

Unless you arrive in the woods at the deer fly dinner time, the Tred-Not Deerfly Patches are really quite an effective way of protecting yourself and your dog from their bites.



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