Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't Believe Everything You Read!

Have I gone mad? I am a blogger and I want you to read my blog! Here I share what I've learned about dog health issues, and what I believe are the best treatment options. I even have a vet to go over the medical information to make sure it is correct!

So what am I talking about?

One of the most important things I've learned through Jasmine's ordeals is to question everything! Today, there are as many different expert opinions as there are experts. This is true for dog training, dog nutrition, and often even for medical treatments. Unless I can find at least three independent sources that agree on any one fact, that fact is no good to me!

I want to help you to get an understanding of health issues your dog might be going through. However, the main purpose of my blog is to help you to educate yourself! Only when you understand the condition and the available treatments you can make good decisions for your dog.

While most of the veterinary science are hard facts, a lot of it is open to opinion and interpretation.

And even hard facts, as hard as they may be, change over time. Not that long ago people believed that the Earth was flat! Drugs were approved as safe just to be pulled off the market later. Treatments that were looked down upon are now becoming popular. Nothing is really written in stone.

How do you find a vet you know you can trust? How do you pick the treatment that is best for your dog if you don't understand your options and cannot discuss them with your vet? Knowledge is the key.

Is this little pill really going to make your dog all better or are the side effects worse than the condition you're treating? Always ask questions!

Here are some good resources of core veterinary information. Read, compare, discuss, form an opinion – in that order.
    This is a great website I refer to often. Doesn't have all information you might be looking for, but probably 98% of it. Some articles are easier to understand than others, but it is a good website to compare notes on.

    Another great website loaded with veterinary information. The layout is a bit hard to navigate, but the information is good.

    This is usually the first place I look when I'm trying to learn anything. It does have a lot of veterinary and general medical information. It is not an easy read, but Wikipedia tries very hard to provide the latest, most accurate and most objective information.

I'll add other links as I think of them.


  1. Wanna know something cool? When I was reading this, I kind of felt like you were talking to me - almost walking me through it.
    One of (in my opinion) a blogger's best qualities is to be able to not only relate to an audience and pull them in, but to be able to convey pertinent information in a way that flows almost as though they were having a conversation with you.
    It's not so text-book-y or long, drawn out, etc. It's an easy read - no skimming necessary.
    And full of information and advice.
    I didn't know those three websites even existed. Cool.

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you find it helpful - that's what it aims to be! :-)

    The first two are veterinary information sites, Wikipedia is an all encompassing information well, I go there to get basic information on anything I want to find out about.

    The drawback is that the medical info is 'very medical', so often one needs to read a bunch of articles to understand the one you wanted to learn something from :-)

  3. great info....I've been blessed with healthy dogs their whole serious issues what so ever, so Im little out of the loop when it comes to this kind of information ...good to know thnx Jana

  4. I'm not a doggie, but it is a very good article my friend.

  5. Great advice, I love that you question everything. Most of the time I find if you question what is being recommended you'll find there are other options. If nothing else you at least will know what all of your options are and can make an informed decision.

  6. Thank you for reading and kind comments!

    Indeed, if you question things, it often opens doors you didn't even know were there.

  7. Hi Jana..... another great site is
    thanks for more great research options and info.

  8. Thank you Keri, will check that one out!

  9. Thanks for publicizing these references, Jana. Veterinary Partner is great and is one of the sites I refer my own veterinary clients to for reliable information. It's the public arm of the Veterinary Information Network, an online veterinary community, and the primary place I go to research and consult with colleagues! is also very good.