The Many Reasons Why I Love Our Dogs: Loyalty

Just recently Dr. Stanley Coren wrote a touching post about dog's loyalty: Loyal Dogs that Wait: A North American Version of Greyfriars Bobby. It is about a sheepherding dog who, after his master's death, spent the rest of his life waiting for the master's return.

Our story is far from being as dramatic but it does share the same sentiment. 

It truly helped me to appreciate our dogs' loyalty and I believe they too would remain to wait for our return to the end of their days.

It was a weekend like any other and Jasmine and J.D. were spending it at friends' farm with my husband and his friend. They love being able to spend the day hanging out, watching what my husband will come up with doing, and following him around. There are no leashes and no fences there, and there is no need for them.

Where my husband goes, they go. 

If he has to run into town, he takes them along.

This time, however, he had to go pick up a new truck and couldn't take the dogs with him as he normally would. The plan was that he'll go by himself while his friend will stay and watch the dogs. He did suspect that they might not like being left behind.

That's why the friend was to stay with them in the shop and wait a while before taking them out for a walk.

They were quite unhappy when my husband left without them but eventually settled down in waiting. That seemed like a good time to let them out and take them for a little walk. My husband's friend opened the doors and encouraged them to go with him. Probably in hope that finally they'll get to follow to where my husband went, they came out of the shop only to notice that our truck was gone.

That has never happened before!

J.D., the younger boy, was hesitantly following, but Jasmine stopped in her tracks. None of the encouraging and treat bribes got her to go. She stood there for a while, then returned to the shop and laid down. J.D., when he saw she wasn't coming, returned to the shop also.

And that's where my husband found them when he came back.

They know my husband's friend well and they love going for walks. But they were not going to go anywhere. The shop is where my husband left them, that's where he was going to look for them when he returned, that's where they were going to be. Nothing was going to change their mind.

Hardly an epic story, I know. But it did touch my heart nevertheless. And made me realize that in order to take care of our dogs we better also take good care of ourselves ...
“He who is faithful in little things, will be also faithful in large ones...”
Luke 16:10
There are many reasons I love our dogs as much as I do. Loyalty is on the top of that list.

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  1. What a great post :) I enjoyed reading it.

  2. This almost made me tear up at work, I'll have you know! Such a beautiful story, and I'm glad the doggies weren't stuck there until forever because someone died. Yipe. Who would I tweet at during work when I'm not allowed to be on my phone anyway? haha.
    Your doggies are very touching. (Mine would probably hyperventalate and pace in circles if I ditched her. Poor kid.)
    Hmmm. Still writing your e-book thingy? I remember discussing it briefly. o_o

  3. Dear JJ. Yeah, makes me tear up too!

    The e-book will be coming up. Starting with one on ACL injuries.

  4. A beautiful story, Jana, and also reminds us to be loyal to our dogs as well!

  5. Hi Mary! Not very epic, but quite touching isn't it? True about the reminder, though I don't have to be reminded - our lives revolve around our dogs :-)

  6. Wow. I guess I think of it that way all the time underneath it all... the loyalty thing... but don't really put it into words.

    Being the Aquarian I am, loyalty is huge deal for me... and people don't always fit the bill...but my dogs do and always have! :)


  7. Yes, loyalty is of high value and dogs surely do have it.


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