A Praise To Our Dog House DVM

Jasmine was feeling really poorly last couple days. Our rush visit to her vet reminded me yet again how blessed we were to have found him.

I have already written a number of articles on the importance of finding a great vet for your dog. But I don't think I can say it enough. It can really make a world of a difference. I know, because we have experienced it.

About a year and a half ago, with all Jasmine's health issues piling up and no viable diagnosis in sight, I said then that what we needed was a dog House (see the link if you don't know the show).

By a complicated set of events so it happened that we actually did find one. Finding him was like entering a whole different world.

Not only that he is very smart, but he really cares about his patients. Not only that he knows all there is to know, but he is always searching for new and better treatments. He puts in the time, the care and the effort it takes, and then some more. He had diagnosed problems that went by our previous vets for years. He takes symptoms seriously. He listens to what we have to say. He spends the time to answer all our questions and discuss things with us. He will not stop until he has done everything and anything possible to make his patients' lives better.

Time and time again we are amazed and humbled by him. I seriously doubt there is another. But if there is, you owe it to your dog to find him. If you don't know whether you have found one, trust me, you haven't. Because when you do, you KNOW.

Thank you and thank you again for being who you are, and putting up with us, our dear dog House DVM!

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  1. Hope Jasmine is feeling better!!

    I think one of the most important qualities of the great vets that some of us are lucky to have found is their willingness to listen, discuss fully, and be open-minded. Even if they have the clinical knowledge, we the owners are the ones who know (or should know) what's normal for our dogs and when something is even a little awry.

  2. Dear Kathi

    Thank you for reading!

    Yes, Jasmine is feeling much better today, the treatment we started seems to be working.

    Yes, listening and actually hearing the owner is a lost skill. I have encountered so many vets who will let you talk, but pay no attention to what you are saying. Also encountered many vets who make up their mind before-hand and nothing you can say is going to change their mind about things, not matter how wrong they might be.

    There are a number of things here

    Clinical knowledge is only as good as the one using it. Plus gets outdated quickly. Also have experience with vets who go through the school and think that's all they need to do, oblivious to new better ways of doing things.

    Some are very good and have the knowledge, but their ego gets in a way = the owners are dumb and don't know anything and can't possibly have anything to say

    Also encountered one who would consistently ignore all my question and just recite what she decided to tell me before-hand. I asked questions repeatedly just to have them ignored.

    It's about caring. If the vet really cares about the animals, it will make them to try hard, consider everything and look for new and better solutions.

    Yes, it is about being open-minded and putting one's ego aside for the interest of the patient.

    It's about medical history which many don't seem to consider important why it is.

    It's about not disregarding symptoms.

    It's about many things. Our vet is all that and so much more, God bless him!

  3. Hi Jana,

    As a veterinarian, I struggle on a daily basis with this same thing. I truly wish there was more veterinarians were held to a higher level of accountability. So many veterinarians don't read the journal articles and stay current, and it is very upsetting. The profession needs a makeover. ASAP. I am grateful you found a competent compassionate well-read veterinarian.

  4. Dear Dr. Laci

    I really appreciate your comment! It is a sad situation. While it likely doesn't matter for lot of the routine stuff, not every case is routine. And dogs remain suffering.

    We are SO GRATEFUL for finding ours. But it took a long time, a lot of veterinarians and lot of Jasmine's suffering.

    Well, it's like with any other profession, I guess. It isn't any easier to find a good hair dresser or mechanic. But those profession don't deal with health of living beings.


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