Jasmine is Vet-Stem's poster child!

Jasmine is going to be on Vet-Stem's newest promotional poster!

We believe that stem cell regenerative therapy is the future of veterinary medicine and we are very excited to be part of that!

Jasmine received stem cell therapy treatment along with both of her extracapsular repairs to promote healing and to treat underlying arthritis in her knees.

Stem cells were also injected into her shoulders, which had developed arthritis as a result of her compensating for the failing crucial ligaments. She also received an intravenous dose.

She has been through so much in the last year, everything that possibly could go wrong with her health did. But today Jasmine exults in her mobility and is able to keep up with her 4.5 years younger buddy, J.D., with one paw tied behind her back. There is no telling which of the two dogs had any mobility issues.

For Jasmine, her legs are the most important part of her body, because they take her places. She loves long hikes and spending time at a friend's farm or at her ranch. Not being able to enjoy her time outdoors would be as bad as death to her.

Thanks to the Vet-Stem technology, she is able to do all the things she loves doing.

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, stem cell regenerative therapy is a treatment you should consider.

You can imagine my excitement when I got a phone call from Vet-Stem expressing their interest in using Jasmine as their poster child! We took about a thousand photos trying to get the perfect one. Thank goodness for digital photography!

Jasmine thanks stem cell regenerative therapy for more than the amazing benefit of the treatment. We also thank Vet-Stem for causing us to find our new wonderful vet. We found him when looking for a vet certified for this treatment. Before we came to Fergus Veterinary Hospital, we had tried a number of veterinarians and spend a lot of money for vet visits with very little to show for it.

Fergus Veterinary Hospital is one of the first half dozen veterinarians in Canada accredited to do the procedure and after a long phone conversation, we booked a consultation to see whether stem cell treatment could help our Jasmine.

From day one we were amazed at the unprecedented level of care and expertise. They were able to diagnose and treat Jasmine's health problems that had gone undiagnosed for five years. They did both of her knee surgeries and her stem cell treatment. They were there for us every step of the way. I don't want to think where Jasmine would be today if it wasn't for Fergus Veterinary Hospital. Definitely, something else to think about ...

Thank you Vet-Stem and thank you Fergus Veterinary Hospital for turning back the clock for our Jasmine. She is not wasting one minute of her restored life.

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