Book Review: How Dogs Think

How Dogs Think: Understanding the Canine Mind
by Stanley Coren

How Dogs Think is another invaluable book for you if you want to better understand your dog. To get a better idea how dogs think, first, we need to understand how they see the world. How Dogs Think will help you learn just that.

What do dogs see? What do they hear and smell? Is it different from our view of the world? And how does that translate into their thinking? Stanley Coren will take you on a journey into your dog's mind.

What about dog's instincts? How do dogs learn?  Do they have personalities? What kind of music do they like? Do dogs dream? Can they count? In How Dogs Think you will find answers to all these questions, and much more.

I couldn't put it down. As I am writing this review I won't be able to help myself from reading it again.

If you really want a deeper relationship with your dog you cannot go wrong with Stanley Coren's books. Always insightful, witty and rooted in his love for dogs, Stanley Coren's books are truly a wonderful way to learn to understand your best friend.

I hope you will enjoy it as I did.


  1. I'll be honest here: I hate dog training books, and dog training related books.
    Here's why: Once you've read four of them, you've read them all. Every dog trainer on this green earth seems to want to write a book, but so few of them (no offense, guys) have something new to offer.

    This book is different. I know dogs see/hear/think/etc differently than we do, but the way Stanley goes about explaining this is nothing short of phenominal. The information is very text-book, but the read is not. It flows. It's interesting. And I had to fight myself to actually go to sleep instead of to continue reading.

    If you think you've read it all, think again. I guess there are authors out there who have information to offer that isn't included in every other dog book.

    It's hard to aruge with a book that is as interesting and easy to read as it is witty and enjoyable.

    Thanks for ever mentioning Stanley Coren on Twitter, because I wouldn't have given him a second look or a first chance in the book store had you not.
    Now, I'm chalking it up to one of the best dog-reserach decisions ever made. :]

  2. Thank you for the comment! I truly loved this book and I wish all dog lovers would read it.


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