Veterinary Drive-Thru: Coming Soon To A Veterinary Hospital Near You!

In order to serve you better, veterinary hospitals will be soon offering drive-thru convenience!

Yeah, I'm kidding. (At least I hope so)

Seriously though, doesn't it often feel like you're in a drive-thru anyway? 

I understand that time is money, and that running a veterinary practice isn't cheap. But having to visit a vet repeatedly with the same issue just to be able to get a message across isn't exactly cheap either.

And more importantly, your dog remains suffering through that time.

Don't get me wrong, I love veterinarians. But it seems that they often let the business aspect get the better of them. Maybe it is because most visits indeed are routine, and there is no point to spending unnecessary time with them. Maybe it is because they don't want to get too involved with their patients to emotionally protect themselves. Whatever the reason, it can do harm if your visit isn't all that routine and your case, not all that simple.

I find that often small practices are more likely to find the time for you than larger hospitals. 

Taking the time to listen can be more crucial to a correct diagnosis than state-of-the-art equipment. 

One of the reasons we really appreciate the vet we see now is that he will take the time and he will put in the effort it takes. Do your dog a favor and find yourself one like that.

Let's show appreciation to all the vets who didn't forget to care. 

And to the rest of them – please try to remember why you got into this business in the first place.

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  1. Jana,

    Yes, business has gotten to a lot of the vet world. I can't wait for the day when F/T/HW is not associated with being purchased at the vet. Yes, the OTC products have long ways to go, validity of medicine, source of them, but I will love it when it is separate. It is a real problem...pushing drugs, product, vaccines, overpriced antibiotics.

    Sadly, most vets are compensated according to how much money they earn. I don't think that this is a completely terrible thing, but in today's times of still pushing products, I think it encourages vets to be drug reps--not a good thing. I look forward to the time when vets are just (financially) motivated to do diagnostics. Well, as long as the motivation and diagnostics are reasonable, but this will only mean a more accurate diagnosis is reached. Good for the pet.

    I am glad that you were persistent and searched until you found a high quality vet. In my experience at working at large and small hospitals, I agree with you. I was pushed much more to produce and sell x amount of F/T/HW there than I was at my small hospital. Surprising enough, I was more successful when I didn't try to push, clients were more loyal, and pet owners were referring to me left and right. I wasn't trying to cover my mortgage for a $5 million hospital like my old boss.

  2. Silly thing is that vet would make more money with diagnostics and proper treatment I think. In their defense, people WANT easy and quick solutions for everything. Magic pill, take once all done. Sadly it doesn't work that way.

    What bothers me the most that often even when the client does want to get to the bottom of things they are still expedited with magic pill.


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