Saturday, November 3, 2018

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Addison's Disease, Gut and the Immune System, and more ...

What Dog Owners Need to Know about Addison’s Disease

Dr. Marty Becker

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Addison's Disease, Gut and Immune System, and more ...

Dr. Becker's article does not offer exhaustive information on the subject of Addison's disease in dogs. What makes it unique is the personal experience with his own dog. Quora, Dr. Becker brings to the table.

The main problem with Addison's disease is how masterfully it can disguise itself as a variety of other potential health issues. Your dog might go undiagnosed until they suddenly collapse.

Once diagnosed, treatment is relatively straightforward but a challenge remains with dosing at times of increased stress or excitement when the standard dose can fall short of fulfilling the body's requirements.

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The Interaction between the Gut and the Immune System

Dr. Jean Dodds

Everything affects everything; nothing exists in isolation.

A large part of the immune system is employed to fend off invaders that might be introduced with food. Is it any surprise that what goes into the digestive system influences the immune system? And that's is aside from the issue of nourishing the immune system--there are nutrients the immune system needs to function.

"Nowadays, researchers are looking closely into the highly complex interaction between the gut and the immune system, or the gut’s impact on the immune system." ~Dr. Jean Dodds

Could it be that health indeed begins in the gut? There is research; but are the scientists considering things from the correct viewpoint? If you want to learn more about the interaction of the gut and the immune system, check out Dr. Dodds' article.

Four Things You Need to Know about Pet Food and Supplement Packaging

Dr. Peter Dobias

When buying supplements for your dog, do you, among other things, give consideration to their packaging? I don't mean what the box or label looks like or what shape they are. What are they made of?

For any food stuffs, I have a strong preference for glass. Most things, these days, however, are packaged in plastic. Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Does it matter?

Dr. Dobias is clearly promoting his line of supplements but he is making some good points which are good to be aware of.


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