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Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Foxtail Injuries, Sunscreen after Surgery, and more ...

Sunscreen for Dogs after Surgery – or for any Exposed Skin

Dr. Karen Louis/

Have you ever used sunscreen for your dog? Should you? Our guys are dark-skinned and don't have any predisposition to having problems with too much sunlight. As well as they don't like it too hot, so they prefer to play during the cooler parts of the day or in the shade.

Some breeds are predisposed to have issues and even suffer from auto-immune issues such as discoid lupus. For such dogs, avoiding direct sunlight and/or sunscreen is a must.

But any dog can get a sunburn where their skin is exposed, just like we can.

What happens if your dog gets their fur shaved for surgery or other medical procedure such as ultrasound? So it happened that our dogs always had surgeries during winter, so we were more concerned about keeping them warm than thinking about sunburn. But if your dog has a surgery during summer months, and their skin is all exposed, what should you do? Would you think of what happens when the sun hits the bare skin?

There are indeed cases when your dog might need sunscreen or some form of protection from the sun.
Read Dr. Louis' article to learn when and why.

How to Prevent Foxtail Injuries and Remove Foxtails From Your Dog

Dr. Jason Nicholas/PreventiveVet

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Foxtail Injuries, Sunscreen after Surgery, and more ...

Indoors and outdoors, there are many dangers we need to try and protect our dogs from. But would you think that grass would be one of them? Well, not grass per se, but awns of some grasses. Those things can not only be a nuisance but under the right circumstances even deadly.

"Foxtails and grass seed awns are designed to do one thing - burrow. " ~Dr. Nicholas

They can burrow about anywhere. The head is a most likely target, but paws or private areas are also high up on the list.

Short of avoiding the outdoors altogether, is there anything you can do to protect your dog if you are in the area where there are foxtails everywhere?

Read Dr. Nicholas' article to learn about what menace grass awns can be and how to protect your dog.

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Coccidiosis in Dogs and Cats – A Problematic Intestinal Parasitic Infection

Dr. Christopher Byers/CriticalCareDVM

When Jasmine was little and suffered from chronically bad stools, coccidiosis was on the list of things to rule out or confirm.

Coccidia are parasites found in the intestinal tract. Not every dog that is exposed gets sick; it is usually young puppies or dogs with a compromised immune system. In such dogs, this infection can cause severe diarrhea, dehydration, and vomiting. In severe cases, it can be deadly.

Early diagnosis and treatment, though, has a good prognosis.

3 Things We Can Do to Help Our Dogs With Their Arthritis

Dr. Andy Roark

I never miss any of Dr. Roark's Cone of Shame videos. He offers solid, easy-to-understand information, presented with humor and passion.

Yes, you might not want to hear that the number one measure to prevent and manage arthritis is weight management. But that just makes it more important for you to hear that again. Dr. Roark also discusses anti-inflammatory medications and supplements with absolute honesty.

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