Friday, April 27, 2018

Veterinary Highlights: A New Tick-Borne Disease

Just when you thought that the tick situation couldn't get any nastier, it just has. Isn't that just awesome?

If I were to select things I'd import from overseas, ticks would not be on that list.

Ticks don't care, though. So it all started with an exotic tick from East Asia which infested a sheep in one New Jersey county. And, according to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, it's been now confirmed in a second county.

This new tick seems to have set up camp in the US. And they are resilient, tenacious, and it came bearing gifts, namely theileriosis which leads to anemia and sometimes death. There were some hopes the ticks might get killed over the winter, but, of course, they survived.

How tenacious are these things?

"The infestation was so severe that ticks swarmed the pant legs of investigators when they went to the site in October."

That's how. Eek.

Source article:
Pets could be next target of exotic tick that infested N.J. farm

Further reading:
Tenacious invasive tick survived winter in N.J. Experts are worried

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