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Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Disposal of Your Dog's Meds, Mastitis, and more ...

More Communication Needed Regarding Disposal of Pet Pharmaceuticals


Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: Disposal of Your Dog's Meds, Mastitis, and more ...

As I checked on Cookie's first-aid kit, it turned out some of the meds had expired and needed to be replaced. Benadryl, of course, which we replace annually. I also like to keep some prescription things on hand, such as veterinary NSAID, a course of her DES because we use it as needed which ends up being 1x to 2x a year ... Then there were some things which expired but hopefully we won't even need again, such as Trazodone.

I called in for the replacements and as we went to pick up the new "stash," we returned all the expired meds at the vet hospital. Why is that important? Because medications only belong in the body of the individual they were intended for, be it a dog or a person. They do not belong in the environment. However diluted they might end up, they do have an effect. They can affect wildlife as well as be the reason behind resistant strains of bacteria or parasites.

Got any unused, expired meds? The trash can or the toilet aren't the places to dispose of them.

Mastitis in Dogs and Cats – A Painful Part of Motherhood

Dr. Christopher Byers/CriticalCareDVM

I have never bred my dog nor I ever will. But those who ever did that should be familiar with this condition because it can become dangerous quickly. While the word mastitis by definition means inflammation of the mammary gland, is typically caused by a bacterial or fungal infection.

Read Dr. Byers' article to learn more.

Are Essential Oils For Animals Safe?

Anna Coffin/Guthrie Pet Hospital

Essential oils are frequently a topic of discussion both for their benefits and associated risks. I only ever used some environmentally for their calming effect, never topically. My favorites are Jasmine and Lavender. Some are used in various products, such as Neem oil or Tea Tree Oil. One of the things that make the difference between safe use and doing harm is level of dilution.

Dr. Coffin's article lists essential oils I never even knew about, such as D-limonene or Melaleuca oil. While some oils can be safe with proper dilution, some can be toxic no matter what. Check out the article to learn more.

Laryngeal Paralysis in a Dog

Dr. Krista Magnifico

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