Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: New Year's Eve Safety for Your Pet

It seems everybody is on holidays and nobody is writing. So just one article this time.

New Year’s Eve Safety for Your Pet 

Dr. Lauren Jones/PetCoach 

When I last visited my mom for Christmas, back in the old country, people were playing with fireworks a whole week before the actual New Year's Eve. Every night for a few hours, we got to enjoy all the noise. Her friend's dog is staying with her now, spending the entire week hiding in the shower stall.

Fireworks might be fun for bipeds but not so much for most of our four-legged friends. Our dog's never really cared much but many go through real anguish.

The best answer would be gradual counter-conditioning, getting them realize that such noises are nothing to worry about. But as it seems, nobody ever thinks of this problem until it's at the door. If you're going to make any New Year's resolutions for your dog, why not make it a good counter-conditioning program so they no longer need to fear loud noises?

Also, don't forget, that more dogs get lost during loud celebrations than any other time of the year. If they get really startled, they can not only run away when being off leash but even slip out of a collar or harness. Don't underestimate the power of fear and play it safe.

Other New Year's Eve dangers should be well known to everybody but in case you forgot any, why don't you refresh your memory by reading Dr. Jones' article?

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