Monday, February 6, 2017

Adoption Monday: Blondie, Flat-coated Retriever Mix, Huntington, NY

Blondie is a very happy, affectionate, playful fella. 

He's got a contagious smile that's sure to brighten anyone's day. 

You can't help but love his cheerful expressions and happy demeanor.

Blondie is dog-friendly but does not like cats. Blondie needs a family that can provide him with daily walks and an opportunity to run and play. He's on the larger side weighing approximately 75 lbs.

If you are that special someone that wishes to make Blondie part of your family, please email

Blondie is neutered and current on vaccinations.


Smiling Dog Farms is a sanctuary for the dogs no one else wants or can handle, and dogs who would otherwise face euthanasia.

They have come from shelters, other rescues and individuals. Every dog is up to date on shots, including rabies vaccinations. Every single dog at Smiling Dog Farms has been examined by a licensed Texas vet. 

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