Friday, January 13, 2017

Veterinary Highlights: Finding Best Technique to Identify Metastasis in Dogs with Oral Melanoma

Currently, there is no standardized approach in veterinary medicine to assess for metastasis in oral malignant melanoma in dogs.

The purpose of the UC Davis study is to compare lymph node palpation to the appearance of the local lymph nodes on CT scan and a combined PET/CT scan to histopathologic results in an effort to determine which method may be the most reliable for identification of metastatic (tumor filled) lymph nodes.

Results from this study will hopefully improve medical knowledge about the capabilities of CT and PET scans, potentially limit unnecessary sampling and/or removal of lymph nodes, and better guide medical care for your dog with oral melanoma.

The costs of the scans and surgical removal of the lymph nodes, as well as up to $300 for study-related adverse events, are covered.

The Oncology Clinical Trial Coordinators can be reached at
or by phone 530-752-0125 or 530-752-9759.

Source article:
Current Veterinary Clinical Trials: Oral Melanoma

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