Monday, January 30, 2017

Adoption Monday: Beverly and Tamika, Flat-coated Retriever Mix, Huntington, NY

Beverly and Tamika, are a bonded pair very attached to one another, therefore we are looking for a home to take them both.

Beverly is the larger of the two. She came completely bald but with some TLC has regrown 3/4 of her fur back except patches on her legs which seem they will remain hairless. She's a happy, bouncy girl, walks pretty well on the leash and is overly interested in cats so we recommend a home without cats to keep the peace.

Tamika is a smiley sugar lump. She's the smaller of the two. She's very expressive with her eyes and smile and will entertain you with her antics as she rolls in the grass. She can be shy upon first meeting but once you make contact she is fine. She hasn't quite mastered leash walking yet so she will need continued training in that area.

If interested in providing a home for these girls who share a sisterly bond, please contact


Smiling Dog Farms is a sanctuary for the dogs no one else wants or can handle, and dogs who would otherwise face euthanasia.

They have come from shelters, other rescues and individuals. Every dog is up to date on shots, including rabies vaccinations. Every single dog at Smiling Dog Farms has been examined by a licensed Texas vet. 

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