Saturday, December 10, 2016

Top Veterinary Articles of the Week: New Concept in Pet Healthcare, Home Remedies, and more ...

Fuzzy: A Brand New Concept in Healthcare for Pets

Dr. Nancy Kay/Spot Speaks

On her blog, Dr. Kay recently highlighted a new player in the world of pet health insurance, Fuzzy. Such things are always exciting. What is different about this one? It focuses on preventive care.

What made me smile is that their insurance is an equivalent to the Wellness Plans Jasmine's vet has been offering for a few years now. Since I first highlighted the plans in 2012, they only got better, more comprehensive and with more different options. We always took full advantage of them. Between the plan and insurance, we were covered for all costs of preventive and emergency care.

I have seen some other hospitals offer similar plans. Sadly, our present local vet does not. In such cases, Fuzzy is an option to check out.

They should also be offering insurance as well; something to keep an eye on.

Read Dr. Kay's review of this new concept here.

Raw Bones and Dental Health for Pets

Dr. Shawn Messonnier/petMD

Are raw bones okay for dogs?

Even though I don't like taking any chances with my dogs, I do give Cookie raw bones to eat and to gnaw on. This reflects a couple of my beliefs. Dogs do need something appropriate to chew on. And I don't believe that appropriate raw bones are any more dangerous than any other chews available out there.

As meal bones, I mostly use turkey or duck necks, When we get a fresh partridge or rabbit, Cookie gets to eat the whole thing. The only parts I remove are beaks, claws, and in case of the rabbits also the shin bone. Cookie also gets chicken feet or chicken necks as snacks. She eats those like biscuits.

For entertainment, I give knuckle bones.

I never give bones when I cannot supervise her.

Most veterinarians, though, consider raw bones for dogs too risky. Dr. Messonnier, however, isn't one of them. In his articles, he highlights the benefits of chewing on raw bones, including dental health. While this too is controversial, I can testify from my own observation that they work very well to clean teeth and keep gums healthy.

Of course, everything needs to be done discriminately and safely.

Read Dr. Messonnier's thoughts on raw bones for dogs.

7 Home Remedies for Your Dog


We all love home remedies. "What can I do to help my dog at home?" is one of the most frequent questions I come across. This article highlights seven great home remedies, including vitamin E, electrolyte-replacing liquids, yogurt, chamomile tea, oatmeal, Epsom salt  and borax powder.

Check it out here.

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