Friday, October 21, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: Cyborg Dogs? Canine Exoskeleton for Mobility and Rehabilitation

Quite often we joked how wonderful it would be if dogs could be part machine, part animal. Soul of a dog, mechanical body. It would be awesome because if a part of the body had a problem, you'd just change that for a new one. No more sick or disable dogs, ever.

Science fiction or the future?

While a living body is equipped with an amazing power of self-repair, there are limits to what problems can heal or be cured. Perhaps that's where technology can step in, at least until we learn how to heal living tissue better.

A design team at the Colorado State University has a pending patent for canine exoskeleton for mobility and rehabilitation.

You could think of it as  a "smart brace" that not only supports partially paralyzed or weakened hind legs but helps them move. Science fiction or the future?

Certainly very interesting.

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