Friday, June 10, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: Non-Invasive Spay/Neuter Technique in Making

I am particularly proud of this one because the University of Guelph is our teaching hospital. I am also big fan of non-invasive procedures.

For me, the ideal approach up to the age of about two would be birth control rather than spay or neuter.

Once a dog reaches full maturity, spay or neuter can prevent some health issues. Non-invasive is music to me ears.

Researchers at our own University of Guelph are developing just such a procedure - nonsurgical spay/neuter.

There is already one method for chemical neuter out there, Zeuterin. Is that a better choice than traditional neuter? I think that depends.

What the researchers in Guelph are trying to achieve is developing a new method based on understanding fertility at cellular level. In Other words, by turning off molecular switches that control production of eggs and sperm.

I think it's a worthwhile research.

We'll have to see where it goes and what the pros and cons will be. It is definitely new and unique way of looking at an old subject.

Source article:
University of Guelph Focuses on Non-Invasive Spay/Neuter Technique

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