Friday, June 17, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis for dogs has been on the radar for some time now. It's also been a source of quite a controversy. Good idea? Bad idea?

For me it was like with many such things - if I ran out of good options, I'd try it.

Just a little while ago I saw a blog post promoting dog treats with cannabidiol (CBD). It's supposed to be great for many issues, including anxiety ... Well, I don't know about that, but again, if my dog was suffering from extreme anxiety ... who knows.

Cannabis continues being studied as a treatment for various cancers.

The evidence supporting pros and cons of such use is growing. When it comes to cancer, cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth, block the grown of blood vessels to feed the tumor as well as they promote natural cell death. They even have the potential the lower the likelihood of metastasis.  Who knows, perhaps there is a place for the use of cannabis in veterinary medicine.

Given that no effective treatment is without side effects, why not give cannabis a chance?

We shall see where the evidence leads us.

Source article:
Cannabis for Brain Tumors?

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