Monday, June 13, 2016

Adoption Monday: Walker, Black Labrador Retriever Mix, Southington, CT

Walker is an adorable loving pup who will stay by your side rain or shine. 

Walker has adjusted wonderfully. 

He has excelled at his house training and lets himself out to potty through the doggy door. His foster mom says that when crated he whines if needs to go out so she feels he will quickly catch on to routine in a non doggy door home.

Walker did very well with crate training and continues to happily respond to training. He now sleeps and cuddles up with his favorite human all night.

Walker has learned sit and stay and walks quite well on leash. 

He is typical puppy when it comes to getting excited when seeing his people. He will jump up and use his mouth like a hand to get your attention but foster mom is working on this with him.

Walker loves to be close to his humans and will take the opportunity to sit on an unoccupied lap. In typical goofy Walker style, he will then use your legs like a slide to get back down. Walker gets along great with other dogs and foster mom feels he will be fine with cats. He shows curiosity towards them but shies away if swatted by an indignant feline.

The only really negative thing to report on our otherwise awesome boy is he has been known to shred a dog bed if there was the least bit of stuffing sticking out. He may very well grow out of this activity or (speaking from experience) one may find clever ways of refurbishing shredded dog beds. Walker is already neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and current on preventatives.

Walker is ready to take the next step to finding his forever loving home. 

All in all Walker is the kind of little boy who will spend many years to come bringing a smile to your face and joy to your heart. He is a people lover and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of his life at your side. So if you find you want a forever family friend to watch the stars with, to be by your side on your best and worst days, who will love you like no other, then you will truly have a friend in Walker.

Best Friends For Life is a privately run, 501 c3 non profit organization, privately funded NO KILL dog rescue. They operate on a strictly volunteer basis out of foster homes.

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