Monday, June 20, 2016

Adoption Monday: Briar, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Southington, CT

Briar is a very handsome 18 month old tricolored Walker Hound who weighs 50 lbs.

Briar is quickly learning all the wonderful things there are in life when you are loved and cared for. 

He was hesitant about being in the house initially, obviously something very new to our sweet boy. Now he 'laughs' all the way to his favorite spot in the living room where he contentedly takes a well deserved nap.

Briar has had only one accident since being in foster and that was his first night, Foster mom says it wasn't even his fault, he tried to tell her but she didn't understand what he was saying. Now that he has learned the doggy door there is no need to wait for anyone to let him out. Foster mom does say that he may need some additional training if he goes to a home without a doggy door but it would just be a matter of learning his cues and getting on a good schedule.

Briar is an early riser and will happily entertain himself by going out to run and play. 

Foster mom says he does love the company of other dogs to play with as well so he is pretty versatile. Briar has the kind of loving demeanor that invites all to lavish him with an abundance of affection.... which he happily accepts. Our goofy boy is a hoot to watch run around bouncing and leaping a bit clumsily as he tries to maneuver around with those long gangly legs. He adores the seven year old boy who lives at the house. Foster mom does however suggest older sturdy children who can handle the occasional accidental run in (like we said, he can be kind of clumsy at play). Our precious guy pleasantly surprised with his very good leash manners, very little pulling and easily corrected. We can't help but think that with those long legs and some training, he just might make a pretty good running partner.

Briar is about as gentle and easy going as they come.

 As far as cats are concerned he would likely be fine with an indoor cat but would probably enjoy the chase if outside. He doesn't show any aptitude to having anything less than a sweet loving nature. He has been crated for a few hours during the work day, no more than 5 or 6 hours though. Crating is not his favorite thing and he will howl about it but will settle in after a bit.

Briar is already neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, and current on preventatives. He has come a long way in a short period of time and only gets better and better with each passing day and new adventures to enjoy.

Just imagine how happy you would be if you and Briar shared the same forever loving 'laughing' place.


Best Friends For Life is a privately run, 501 c3 non profit organization, privately funded NO KILL dog rescue. They operate on a strictly volunteer basis out of foster homes.

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