Friday, May 27, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: FDA Update on Jerky Treat Investigation

The problem with jerky treats has gone on for a long time now. Initially the issue seemed specific to treats made in China but recently included treats made in US as well. Why is anybody still buying that stuff beats me.

It's not all that hard to make them at home.

Dr. V of Pawcurious posted a great, helpful infographic about ilnesses caused by jerky treats.

What is even more puzzling is that, after all these years, nobody was able to figure out WHY these treats are such a problem. The investigation started in 2007!

So what is going on with that?

FDA claims that the complaints of illness associated with consumption of jerky treats has been on the decline. That may well be but it is still on the radar.

During the investigation some antimicrobial and antiviral residues were found in some of the imported products. 

Other than that, the report simply cites some illness statistics.

In other words, there is still no clue what is going on, let alone how to fix it. Quite disappointing. Is anybody ever going to learn what the problem is?

Somehow I doubt it. So just don't buy that stuff.

Source article:
FDA Provides Update on Jerky Pet Treat Investigation


  1. Since they don't know by now I don't think they will ever have a complete answer.

    1. Unless they fall into it face first :p

  2. I make my boys'jerky and it is easy. I will never buy anything for them from China. So scary.

    1. Very scary. And unfortunately jerky treats made in US now seem to be causing problems too.