Monday, April 4, 2016

Adoption Monday: Alba, Labrador Retriever, Page, AZ

Alba is a medium sized mixed breed ready for a new chapter in life. She has the coloring of a Rottie, with Australian Shepherd legs and body. Her personality is aussie/cattle dog.

Alba listens off leash and would make a great camp dog She has been at the center for over 2 years and really wants a home!! She would be fine as an only dog or with another companion dog if properly introduced. She can be snippy with other dogs due to her insecurity, but currently lives with a male cattle dog (Kade) that she seems to love!

Alba will need confidence training to help ease her separation anxiety. She loves her people and always wants to be near by. Such a sweet girl--we have starred her as special needs because she has been at the center for so long.

Can't commit to adopting Alba? How about fostering for a long weekend or a month to help her be the best she can be? PAAA provides all medical and food costs to foster homes--you provide the love!


Page Animal Adoption Agency is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides animal adoption, education, and low-cost spay and neuter services to Page, Arizona, and the surrounding communities.

Page Animal Adoption Agency began about four years ago as a small group of people who wanted to reduce the number of unwanted pets being euthanized in the city shelter. Now, they are in the process of renovating a building donated by the city to turn it into an Adoption Center of which Page can be proud. Through fundraising efforts and generous donations, that goal gets closer every month.

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