Friday, March 25, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: Simitri Stable in Stride Stifle Stabilization System

The way I found out about this new technique for treatment of cruciate tears in dogs was nothing short of amazing. Almost as if destiny knocked on the door.

Cookie was with Jasmine's vet getting her platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the attempt to encourage the ligament to heal.

There is some chance that this will work so we decided to give in a try. While Jasmine's vet was examining Cookie there was a discussion about the odds this will take and how long it may or may not last. It could be that the ligament will truly heal, which is what we're hoping. There is a chance, though, that it might not. There is also a chance that even if the ligament gets restored to original healthy state, whatever caused it to fail the first time will do that again. We are aware of all those things but it was still worth of try to us.

One of the reasons being that even if it just were to buy us a year or two, treatment options for cruciate tears might evolve and something new and awesome might become available. Because we really don't like the "golden standard" TPLO all that much.

Jasmine's vet agreed that medical advancements are happening all the time and he has just read about a new hinge technique option becoming available. 

So it happens I found out about this option just about exactly the same time they were discussing it. How freaky is that?

When hubby came back and mentioned it, I showed him what I just learned about on the same day!

Simitri Stable in Stride is an internal stabilization system for injured knees.

The "hinge technique" description is quite accurate and we do find this option quite intriguing. So much so that should it be available at the time we might need it, we are considering it as option for Cookie. Of course, ideally she will not need any surgery at all but if she did, particularly in the future ...

If you're interested in learning more about this option, check out my detailed interview with the co-inventor of the Simitri Stable in Stride Stabilization System, Dr. Neil Embleton.

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