Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thrombocytopenia: Low Platelet Count in a Dog

Jasmine had this kind of bleeding after her drug-induced hyperthermia. She had bruises on her tongue, on her belly ... probably other places too but that was hard to see. We obviously had other things on our mind than taking photos or videos because she was in a terrible shape.

Her platelets were extremely low. So low that while she needed a quick surgery to remove an abdominal abscess, it couldn't be done until her platelets got high enough to be able to do the surgery safely enough.

Dr. Martinez is showing what such bleeding would look like and what it might be caused by.


Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM is a proponent of home cooked diets for dogs. He believes that feeding dogs differently  may prevent or help with chronic medical conditions like obesity, skin issue, ear issues, digestive problems, diabetes, mild seizures, and bladder crystals and stones.

He is the author of Dog Dish Diet, Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog's Health.
You can connect with Dr. Greg on Facebook or Twitter.

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