Friday, February 19, 2016

Veterinary Highlights: ParaDefense - New Affordable Flea Medication

Atlanta's company, CAP IM Supply Inc., is entering veterinary market with its new flea medication for dogs and cats, ParaDefense.

It is being marketed as a lower cost option for price-sensitive clients.

It is a monthly topical drug that is formulated to kill all flea life stages.

We don't use flea medications because our dogs never had fleas and I hope they never will. I really don't like lacing my dogs with chemicals. For a time being we used tick protection to Cookie but she was getting reactions to it. Some of the new fancy products out there might be causing issues, even though there is no "true" evidence to support the claims one comes across.

Plus I'm always reluctant trying things that are too new to have significant clinical history behind them.

On the other hand, though, an affordable product such as the ParaDefense might help people stay away from products that can be ordered online or bought over the counter, some of which are truly, verifiably dangerous.

Having a tested, low cost flea medication available might just save lives.

I think it's wise to keep track of where this one goes.

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New Flea Medication Made for Cats, Dogs

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