Monday, December 28, 2015

Adoption Monday: Lucy & Lilly, Shih Tzu, Toronto, ON

These two senior Shih Tzu girls are sisters and have been in foster homes since they were 9 years old back in 2013. They have lived their whole lives together through many years of being puppy mill breeding dogs so we would prefer that they stay together.

They are very low energy and would be ideal for someone who wants company while sitting on the couch watching TV or likes to have dogs curl up at the foot of their bed.

Lucy & Lilly enjoy little walks and do well on a leash but don't require much exercise. 

Older children would be OK as long as they understand that the dogs only want to cuddle and not play. They sleep throughout the night and most of the day. They are house broken and crate trained.

They could live with other dogs if introduced properly. 

Lucy & Lilly are good in the house and can be left loose or in a crate when you're not home without any problem.

Lily can walk much further and longer than Lucy so their foster mom has been taking Lucy in a "doggy stroller" so she can still enjoy the outdoors. Both girls travel well in a car.

Lucy has difficulty with stairs because of her hips and has received chiro adjustments in the past which have helped. She can do 2 or 3 steps up or down to get in and out of the house but needs to be carried up and down full flights of stairs. She is deaf and her eyesight is not great but despite everything, she is a true love and is most content sleeping and being snuggled.

She likes to follow you around the house until she gets tired or you decide to stop and sit somewhere at which point she is happy to be in whatever room you are in. Because she can't hear, she gets startled when you wake her up to go outside. She might bark a little when in her crate until she feels comfortable in your home.

Lily has some moments of almost being "puppy like". She gets excited for food, treats, cuddles and walks. She seems much younger that Lucy because she has a little spunk in her. Unlike her sister, she has no problem with hearing, eyesight, stairs or getting up on the couch. She can be a little possessive with yummy wet food or treats and she doesn't like strange dogs "in her face" so proper and polite introductions are a must. She settles nicely, comes when she's called and loves to get scratchies and curl up next to you.


ANML-RESQ is a dedicated group of volunteers looking out for the 4-legged creatures we share this world with. Their goal is to save a dog or cat from being euthanized in a shelter, through no fault of their own - just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If they don't have a foster home available they will work with other reputable organizations to find a place.

ANML-RESQ relies solely on donations and fundraisers to spay/neuter, vaccinate and microchip their pets prior to adoption.  They don't even use funds for gas to transport the pets in their program to their new homes!

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