Friday, September 18, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Hormone-Sparing Sterilization for Male Dogs?

An Italian research team has determined the optimal ultrasound treatment regime for dog sterilization. It involves a regiment of three ultrasound applications within 48 hour period, resulting in permanent sterilization.

This opens a door to birth control without affecting hormone production.

The idea has been around since 1970s but research was neglected. While the treatment has only temporary effect on primates, it provides permanent sterilization in dogs.

Having the option of non-invasive sterilization without long-term effects of loss of hormones would be great.

If I had a young male pup, I'd definitely be interested in exploring this option. 

With JD, we only had the option of classic neuter and we waited a little over year before we did it. Today I'd likely wait even longer or seek other options such as this one.

Source article:
Ultrasound provides noninvasive hormone-sparing sterilization for male dogs

Further reading:
Therapeutic Ultrasound as a Potential Male Dog Contraceptive

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