Friday, August 21, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Two-dose Ear Infection Treatment?

Not long ago I highlighted the idea of short-term high dose antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated UTIs in dogs. There is a merit to the thought and I'm curious if this approach takes.

Meanwhile, Elanco ran with the concept and launched a two-dose treatment for ear infections.

Again, the main point to this is improving owner compliance.  The worst kind of infection is an infection that hasn't been treated properly. Not following through the treatment can lead to resistant bugs and make things worse than they were to start with.

Cookie had an ear infection once and we did follow through properly, however, Cookie was not impressed. We got her to accept the treatment but she just really hates having the liquid in her ears. She gets ballistic to the point she could injure herself. We were able to distract her with King filled with yummies but as soon as she finished with it, she was still quite likely to go crazy.

I like the idea of the gel instead of drops and I like the idea of having to do this only twice.

Whether or not Cookie would like the gel better is anybody's guess but having to do this only twice would certainly be a great help.

This makes it another product to watch.

Source article:
Two-dose Osurnia is promoted as a way to improve owner compliance

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