Friday, July 31, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Influenza A(H6N1) Virus Found in Dogs in Taiwan

Influenza A virus (H6N1) was isolated in dogs in Taiwan.

Photo Nisa yeh

Normally wide-spread in chickens in Taiwan this type was rarely found in mammals. A study conducted at the National Taiwan University Veterinary Hospital in Taipei was done to determine prevalence of influenza A in dogs in Taiwan. The serum of 474 pet and free-roaming dogs was tested for antibodies and nasal swabs done for dogs with respiratory signs.

H6N1 can infect dogs.

It isn't clear whether it can cause a disease; the dogs that were sick could have coincidentally had a different respiratory disease.

It is a reminder of how unpredictable influenza viruses can be.

Source article:
Yet another influenza in dogs

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