Monday, June 29, 2015

Adoption Monday: Fuzzy, Rottweiler Mix, Southington, CT

Fuzzy was born with a gorgeous black and tan coat and he still has it all! 

Fuzzy is an adorable 4 month old Rottie mix. Apparently he is also quite the little water bug too. Foster mom says he loves playing and splashing around in his baby pool. His love of water doesn't end there either (he's been known to play in the water bowl) Awww's okay little guy, all in good fun and part of growing up. His love of water somehow seems not include bath time (sounds like a typical little boy to us).

Fuzzy gets along great with other dogs of all sizes and ages and he minds his manners around cats. 

His love for people big and small is a given with this sweet tyke. 

Fuzzy is house trained to the extent that he be taken out at regular intervals and is shown where to go (treats and lots of praise...Good Boy!!).

Just because Fuzzy is a laid back boy, doesn't mean he isn't a player, he LOVES to run around and play hard as most youngsters do so bring out the toys and the yard shoes for a great time. He is a very quick learner and an astute student, smart little bugger. He already has a grasp of basic commands and is doing very well with his leash training.

Fuzzy is already neutered, up to date and on all vaccinations, (to include all three sets of puppy vaccinations), and current on all preventatives. Fuzzy was a very fortunate pup to have been placed right away into a wonderful foster home, now we are looking for the big brass ring, the forever and ever loving home looking for a great Fuzzy boy.


Best Friends For Life is a privately run, 501 c3 non profit organization, privately funded NO KILL dog rescue. They operate on a strictly volunteer basis out of foster homes.

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  1. That third picture of Fuzzy is so adorable. I'm hoping he finds his forever home very soon.