Friday, March 13, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Lungworms - An Emerging Infectious Disease in Ontario

Lungworms was one of the things Jasmine's vet checked back when she started having her panting and pacing episodes. Seemed kind of strange as we never heard of this before or after. She didn't have them, btw.

Now it seems that the disease is emerging in Ontario.

While present in Atlantic provinces, Ontario hasn't seen much of this problem. Recently, small but increasing number of reports are coming in about lungworms in dogs who did not travel outside the province.

Foxes help spread the parasite but the life cycle is quite convoluted; dogs actually get infected by eating infected snails. Fortunately, Cookie hasn't shown any interested in those yet.

Something else to look out for?

Source article:
Lungworms in Ontario dog

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