Friday, February 13, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Unwanted Effects of Antibiotics

This research isn't directly veterinary but how our gut functions isn't all that different from our dogs.

I love antibiotics. They can save lives. I also work hard on using them for my dogs as sparingly as possible. I always thought that antibiotics resistance and killing of beneficial bacteria in the gut were the only problems with antibiotic use.

As it turns out, there might be more to it.

Apparently, antibiotics can mess with glucose metabolism, the immune system, food digestion and behavior. They might be linked to obesity and stress.

Image University of Utah Health Sciences Library

Antibiotics kill intestinal epithelium cells?

A study at the College of Pharmacy in Oregon State University looked and the effects of four antibiotics on mice. It was believed that antibiotics killed gut bacteria and blocked some immune function in the gut. But this study shows they also destroy cells in the intestinal epithelium.

Antibiotics disrupt signaling between host and gut bacteria?

There is a continuous communication between beneficial bacteria in the gut and the immune system, which messes with digestion, as well immune function, food absorption, and contributes to allergies and other issues.

The results of studies such as this one suggest that boosting the beneficial bacteria so they can outcompete the bad ones might be a better strategy.

Something holistic vets had been emphasizing for a long time.

It seems we're still only finding out how important the beneficial gut bacteria really is.

Source article:
Antibiotic use has more unwanted effects than previously thought

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