Friday, January 9, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Smart Harness for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia?

Here is something I tend to keep my eye on and see where it goes.

A smart harness for dogs with hip dysplasia.

Image and video courtesy of Galia Weiss

JD is actually doing very well. Running, playing with Cookie and not showing any sighs of an issue. But after seeing the x-rays of his hips, we need to be mindful of them. We got him below the optimal body condition on the thin side, he exercises daily. Perhaps that, together with good diet and supplements, is all he'll ever need.

However, this new product caught my attention.

Designed by an industrial designer in collaboration with a veterinarian, a harness that should aid dogs suffering with hip dysplasia should be moving out of the prototype phase. The harness requires a dog to use their hind legs, which is meant to lift the muscles surrounding the hip joints, strengthening them and keeping the femur in the correct position.

To me, the product looks really awesome but also potentially cumbersome for the dog.

I wonder how would JD take to that. But the above video doesn't really show enough of the dog's movement to get a better idea.

But it's definitely an interesting idea so I'll keep watching.

Source article:
A Smart Harness for Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

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  1. It certainly is an interesting idea but I agree I'm not sure I would ever get an active dog like Jack to wear it.

    1. Yeah, there wasn't enough in that video to see how the dog moved. Perhaps it's meant as a rehab device, meant to wear only for a certain period of time a day. That kind of seemed the idea but it wasn't clear from the sources.