Friday, January 23, 2015

Veterinary Highlights: Rabies Booster Response

One reason I keep out guys up to date with their rabies vaccination has nothing to do with immunity and protection from the disease. It has to do with protection from legislation and what would happen if my dog's was late on the booster and got exposed to a rabid animal.

It has to do with the required six-month quarantine.

Having a dog sentenced to a six-month post-exposure quarantine is both financial and emotional disaster. And for many dogs, a death sentence.

The light at the end of the tunnel?

New research done at Kansas State University found that dogs with out-of-date vaccines respond to rabies booster shot the same way as dogs current on their vaccines.

This could mean only a 45 day at-home observation instead of six-month quarantine.

This might lead to changes in the veterinary industry and save lives.

Source article:
New research on rabies vaccines alters a common misconception

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