Friday, November 21, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Extending Dog's Lives?

It is a fact that keeping your dog slim can add two years to their life. Good diet, healthy lifestyle, all those things contribute. But we can extend our dogs' lives only so much. In fact, we can mostly just strive not to shorten it.

Dogs' life span is just too short.

Could there be something done about that? What if dogs could live longer? Not by prolonging life, but by extending its prime? Giving our dogs a few extra healthy, vibrant years?

I would have loved it so much if Jasmine could have been with us longer, while healthy and enjoying the extra years to the fullest.

Researchers at the University of Washington are raising money and recruiting dogs for a study that might extend dogs’ lives.

They want to test an existing drug, which had been used in humans to prevent organ transplant rejection and to fight cancer.

At low doses, this drugs slows aging in mice. 

Is a drug the answer? I don't know but it would be nice. Should we mess with nature? I don't know but it would be nice.

The study should start in next six month. To find out more, visit Dog Aging Project.

Source article:
Researchers testing drug that might extend dogs’ lives by 15 percent

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