Friday, October 31, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Reversible Birth Control For Dogs?

Did you know that in Australia, New Zealand and Europe there is the option to use implants approved to induce "temporary infertility" in male dogs?

The grain-sized implant releases a compound which results in suppression of the production of the hormones necessary for sperm production in males and estrus cycles in females.

Depending on the size of the implant, it is effective six or twelve months.

The benefits include managing feral populations, the procedure doesn't require surgery or anesthesia and leaves the options open if reproduction became desirable in the future.

Oddly, initially, after installation, the implant actually acts as a reproductive stimulant.

Kind of counter-productive, isn't it?

Still, though, an interesting idea and perhaps a stepping stone to something really cool in the future.

Source article:
Can Reversible Birth Control for Dogs Be a Reality?


  1. That is really interesting! I hope it can make a difference for controlling certain dog populations. Maybe it's something that could work for cats as well?

    1. The source didn't mention cats. But it certainly is interesting. Though for male dogs the Zeuterin is already out there; that one is permanent, though.