Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dog Allergic Reaction: Hives


Dr. Greg Martinez, DVM is a proponent of home cooked diets for dogs. He believes that feeding dogs differently  may prevent or help with chronic medical conditions like obesity, skin issue, ear issues, digestive problems, diabetes, mild seizures, and bladder crystals and stones.

He is the author of Dog Dish Diet, Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog's Health.
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  1. Great information to know. We've had two incidents of allergic reactions from vaccinations and yellow jackets and now I always make sure I have Benadryl with me when we're traveling with the dog.

    1. Which vaccines did your dog have a reaction to? I'd recommend highest caution with further vaccinations if any history of any adverse effects. I would definitely titer for dap and discuss whether or not my dog could get rabies vaccine exempt.

    2. She was given her rabies, Da2-p-pl and kennel cough vaccinations on the same visit and this is the first time she's ever had a reaction (she's 7 years old).

      On our way home (about 20 minutes after we left the office), she threw herself on her side and started furiously biting her back feet, then many lumps appeared on her nose and muzzle and she had swollen areas behind her front legs. She looked so panicked, it was really scary.

      This happened last year and I kind of suspected it was the rabies vaccination, but wondered if maybe it was getting too many vaccinations at one time. I definitely will talk to the vet about possibly getting the exemption.

      Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it :)

  2. More than one vaccine at the same is definitely a bad idea. But since she's already had a bad reaction, I'd strongly consider not vaccinating any more, particularly at her age when sufficient immunity should be in place. Please discuss this with your vet very seriously.