Friday, August 29, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: Vaccinating Small Dogs Study

Should a Great Dane receive the same vaccine dose as a Yorkie?

That seems highly counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Either it's not going to be enough for one or too much for the other, right?

And yet, all dogs have been receiving the same dose of vaccine, regardless of their size.

Could that explain why toy breeds are more likely to suffer adverse reactions to their vaccines?

The fact is, anybody can speculate but nobody knows.

Dr. Jean Dodds has agreed to conduct a small pilot a study which should help determine efficacy of body-mass based vaccinations, specifically, giving reduced vaccine strengths to toy breed dogs.

The estimated cost of the pilot study is $5500 and is the first step in determining whether we can lessen the severity and frequency of adverse reactions to vaccinations in our tiny pups by reducing the actual vaccine itself.

To download a donation form and pay by check or money order (or by credit card offline, including Discover and American Express), click here.

Source article:
Tiny dog vaccine study

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