Friday, May 23, 2014

Veterinary Highlights: FDA Approves New Chewable Flea/Tick Preventive

Bravecto, a new oral flea and tick preventive for dogs from Merck Animal Health has been approved by FDA.

These chewable tablets are indicated to kill fleas for 12 weeks, the black-legged tick, American dog tick and brown dog tick for 12 weeks, and the Lone Star tick for eight weeks.

The active ingredient, fluralaner, is a new ectoparasiticide that is  is systemically active against fleas and ticks.

Bravecto has been already used in EU for several months and has been well received.

The most common reported side effects are mild and transient gastrointestinal effects.The most common adverse reactions recorded in clinical trials were vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, polydipsia, and flatulence.

Source article:
New flea/tick medication by Merck just approved: Bravecto

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